Monday, November 05, 2007

Mommy's Home!!

Dear Yasmin,

We had a great weekend together just you and me. Mommy went back to KL for her friend's wedding banquet, and daddy had to take care of you all by myself. Mommy was very worried that without nursing, you may not be able to sleep properly. She left home early yesterday and we had a great day at the beach with auntie Annie.

At night, we had a wonderful time with other children at Natasha's birthday party. Daddy was very proud of you because you were the only 2.5 yr old child brave enough to sing and dance during the games. We had a great time there.

We listened to music when we were in bed. Suddenly daddy found you tearing, and you told me that you missed mommy very very much. You wanted mommy to hug you. Daddy carried you around the house looking for mommy. Finally you fell asleep, and daddy put you to bed.

However this morning at 5, you woke up and started crying and look for mommy again. You walked out of the room, went to the kitchen, the toilets looking for mommy, then you stood by the house's door, waiting for mommy to come back. Daddy hugged you, and you asked for bread. So daddy rocked you when you ate. You fell back to sleep again, and daddy dosed off carrying you in the chair.

This morning we had a great morning walk in Clark Quay, you loved looking at the sampans on the river. After lunch in China town, you fell asleep, and daddy went to shop for meat and bread mix for the following 3 hours. You were sleep even on our bus journey home.

When mommy came home, you dashed out of the home and straight to mommy. Then you asked mommy for breastmilk again!

Yasmin's first visit to the beach

Dear Yasmin,

Today daddy and auntie Annie brought you to Sentosa for the first time. Auntie Annie's company has a family day at Sentosa and she'd gotten tickets for us. You woke up extra early today, and after a breakfast feasted on pancakes, we started our journey to Sentosa. We took the new Sentosa Express from VivoCity. You loved that train a lot! You had your nose stuck to the window when you saw the harbour and the ships. You loved the greenery and the cable cars. We called them the grapes!

Finally we got to the beach. While we started walking on the beach, you suddenly stopped after just 2 steps on the beach. You squat down, and said ' oh!' then you bent down and started lifting the sands in your little hands, and started giggling. Daddy tried to ask you to ride on the toy trains, you remained squatted, playing with sands.

We had your hair beaded and you looked so cute. Then daddy and you each had a sprayed tatoo. You had a butterfly on your arm, and daddy had a pattern on my ankle. Afterwards, we had a blue flower drawn next to the butterfly.

After a good lunch, daddy took you down to play by the beach. You loved the fine sands, and the sea. You squeled with joy when water rushed past your feet, and you ran away from it, then you chase the waves and tried to throw sand at it. You and Auntie Annie had so much fun. On our way home, we walked past the Tweety Bouncer, and you ran inside and started jumping, falling, laughing and jumping again. Daddy had to catch you inside and dragged you out.

You had such a fun day running around, as soon as we were in the MRT, you fell asleep all the way home.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Big Girl's Bed

Dear Yasmin,

It was a very exciting day for you today. We picked up your 'Big Girl Bed' today and papa assembled it and place it next to mommy and daddy's bed. You jumped and jumped on your bed, from you bed to papa's bed and from our bed to your bed. You were really looking forward to sleep on your own bed tonight! In the picture, you were pretending to be sleeping on your bed...

Papa had just taken a peep on you, and you were sleeping sweetly on your 'Big girl bed'

Sweet dreams darling


Thursday, October 18, 2007

Help Papa!! I am Stuck!!

Dear Yasmin,

Papa took this picture of yours when you tried to get out of the kitchen and were stuck under the gate. Papa asked you to help me cook and closed the gate. You kept asking me to open it for you, when Papa told you to stay inside for a while longer, you decided to climb under the gate. When you were half way through, you panic and got stuck under the gate. You screamed 'Tung Tung is stuck, Tung Tung is stuck!!! Help Help'


Sunday, October 14, 2007

Girl, Lip stick and mirror

Dear Yasmin,

Papa learned a very important lesson today: Girls are born to love looking at mirror and put on lipstick. Daddy asked you to put on the hat we bought in HK this afternoon, and you immediately asked me to carry you to look at the mirror. You kept looking at yourself in the mirror and said, 'Tung Tung is pretty'... Then you picked up mommy's lip sticks and started imitating mommy putting it on. then you said 'Tung Tung put on lipstick, she is so beautiful.' Papa and mommy were laughing looking at you.

Yes my dear, you are the most beautiful little girl in the whole world for mommy and daddy.


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Winner of Miss Singapore 2007 is....................

Dear Yasmin,

Auntie Annie helped you put on mommy's gown tonight, and you ran around the house calling yourself a little princess. You looked so cute in the gown and you posed some pictures for papa. Mommy asked me should you want to enter into beauty pageant when you grow up, would I allow you to. I told her a flat NO..... HA HA

Good Night


Sunday, October 07, 2007

Rainy Day in the Botanical Gardens

Dear Yasmin,

You are sleeping soundly now. Mommy managed to put you to bed in just 5 mins. We had so much fun today at the Botanical Gardens. You ran round and round and had so much fun playing with Faith.

We went to the Botanical Gardens today with Uncle Andrew and the new children's garden, but it started raining and they had stopped the water features. So we ran for cover under one of the big shelter Auntie Gerri and of course Faith. Originally we'd wanted to try outs. We had our picnic mat on the floor, and spread out our lunch: Roast Chicken, Pasta, Balsamic Vinegar and olive oil, fruits, nuts.

You and Faith stood at the edge of the shelter and stretch out your hands trying to catch the rain. It was so funny looking at the pictures papa took, the two of you were like doing some synchronized exercise. You started singing 'Rain Rain go away, come and get here other day' After lunch, we had a fun time blowing and chasing GIANT bubbles. You also tried your hands on the bubble wand and made big bubbles!

Sleep well my darling!


Sunday, September 23, 2007

Home Sweet Home....!!!


Home sweet home, we are back in Singapore! What a wonderful trip we had in Hong Kong and China!

On the way back from the airport, you refused to take the taxi, you wanted to take the plane!! You said you want to go to Hong Kong again...!

It was so exciting this morning after we left uncle Tony's house. We arrived at the airport around 9:30 for our 11am flight back to Singapore. There were lots of people waiting for check-in. Afterwards, we went for breakfast at the arrival hall's fast food restaurant. You had your favourite ham macaroni, and mommy had chicken chop. Then daddy realised that when we finished breakfast, it was already 10:30 and the gate is closing soon. Daddy put you on the stroller, and pushed you really fast and mommy ran all the way to the departure gate.

There was a long queue of 100 people waiting to go through customs, so daddy asked the officer if they have any priority queue for family, and the nice officer let us pass through the crew gate and we were through in less than 2 mins. Then we ran ran ran again to the gate and we were part of the last 10 passengers to get on the plane...

Daddy was very happy of this trip, you get to meet almost all of our relatives, you met all your great grand parents, grand uncles and aunties. You seemed to have learnt so much in just a few days. You've enjoyed yourself so much, we'd sure go back to HongKong again soon. This time we'll go to Disneyland....